Why Must M.F.S. retain the dealer concession? What is a dealer concession?

It seems to me that your stock keeps going down the drain and now you want to make some more money on that. I don’t like that.

Please let me know what you are talking about.



ALAN HIRSCHFIELD                        HARVEY ORKIN “STAR OF THE MORNING”             APRIL 29,1974

I feel bad about telling you that this isn’t good enough because the writer is so intense on making what he considers important statements, but that’s not the way it should be done. Philosophy is in the point of view and it’s a dull play that has the odd joke here and there and then what purports to be the useful statement. It has to be woven together and, of course, in this piece the jokes are awful anyway.

I read 75 pages because you gave me the damn thing, so I never got into another problem that may or may not come up and that is when you do the life of a great artist, you’d better have a great artist do it. Of course, I don’t know who remembers Bert Williams except old parties but still his records are around.

Anyway, to sum up: it’s completely amateurish work, done with the best intentions in the world but we all know what the road to Hell is paved with- the same damn thing that lines the walls of Chapter 11.

To Marion Taylor Richards (Harvey’s former secretary)

August 23,1974


Dear Angel:

Please work out a deal with Keith, who as you wrote me, has taken off 20 pounds because with this little furry animal reunning around in my head that I wrote you about, they put me on steroids,18 a day to start, which is what football players take to gain weight and I am like the most adorable Porky

Pig you’ve ever seen. If you could get us in a Waring Blender and then pour us out you might have two perfect fellows for yourself.

 SJP is fine, and Jenna will be in Oxford the end of September.   I hope I remember to give her your address but if you do come to England for any time you can find out where she is from Marit and Sandy.

I did see Clive and Valerie in Long Island and with the greatest of pleasure. They are just so nice I wish I saw more of them. 

An’J’lh>ay,my health is getting better. My book will be out here in October and I miss you awfully much.



To Stanley Baker



i’-tarch 22, 1974

 Mr. Stanley Daker

Dear Stash:

The next time you send me a letter that starts “My Dear Harvey” I will take back all those kisses that you gave me in order to be­come a  client.

I am going into this with David and eter Guber and will get back to you as soon as possi­ble.

Hr. Gregory Holmes B. Litt

Dear Mr. Litt:

May 23, 1974

Of course, I am able to persuade my daughter, Jenna, to go to your school from Oxford.  I would really have it no other way. 

However, would it not be better for you both if you chose a neutral college, such as the Uni­versity of Iowa so that neither of you can kvetch at the other at times of stress.

Please advise by corresponding directly with Herself.

Yours truly,


August 15,1974

Don Sipes

c/o International Famous Agency

Dear Don,

I’m sitting in Henry Halper’s this morning with our friend, Sam Gelfman, when a lady accosts me and says “Aren’t you a friend of Don Sipes?”   “Yes” I acknow­ledge “and you’re Marilyn’s sister.”  She agrees to that and I go on “I guess you heard about Marilyn and Don.”        “What?” she says, “I haven’t heard from them in some time” and she looks properly worried.      Well, concerned.   “Since Marilyn sold a couple of scripts she got to feeling her oats” I go on” and she moved out to the beach, Malibu, I believe.”   That’s where Harriet went from concern to orry. I go on” and I understand that she’s going with Henry Wynberg; well actually, she and Elizabeth Taylor are both going with Henry Wynberg; alternating or soJl\ething.”

With that, Harriet’s face brightened.    “low I know you’re kidding me” she says, “because Marilyn doesn’t share anything.” 

Now Don, all the above is exactly as it happened, and I have documentation from Sam Gelfman to authenticate it. What I mean is, there’s:. iarilyn’s own sister talking, so where do you stand.

I ran back to the office to call you about this so that you wouldn’t go home ignorant, so to speak, but I ain’t got your home number so please send that to me immedi­ately. aeanwhile, hang loose and write if you get work.

Yours sincerely, 


March 22,1974

Mr.Terence Hill 

Dear Terence!

I sneaked away for a week in Sarasota, Florida where I was the youngest person there so you could imagine what that was liko.

Peter Guber was also away so next week wo will get together and discuss with you the Sergio Leon Gfilr: tINTO YOUR TEHT I’LL CRFE.P and the possi­bility of you and Bud dubbing OR ELSE WE’LL GT MAD.

;:,ook forward to seeing you ooon, and in the mean time beat to you and my neighbor; your wife

(that’s a qood title; MY NEIG!fBO.R, YOUR WIFE).







P.Guber N.Broad