To Boaty Boatwright Baker

Beaty Baker London, England

Mon Cher Beaty (That means My Dear Beaty.  Get it!):

Gisella and I went to the opening of FUNNY LADY last night which was a triumph, al right it wasn’t a triumph but its going to own the world.  Afterwards we went to a party Ray Stark gave at the El 11orocco. And still I write to you. When Gisella and I walked in,a woman threw her arms around me and hugged me and I hugged her and it was Lauren Bacall whom I haven1t seen in a couple of years, although I have known her for 30 and it was a very nice feeling.

Den (Then) Gisella and I sat down, it so hap­pened dthat it was the table next to Barbra where Gisella brought me Chinese food (I don’t know why I am telling you all this, a stranger) and after exchanging vows with our masterful agent whose name I can’t remember an aca-.rlll:xlle lot of other people whose names I can’t remember I said to Gisella, ‘Let’s blow this joint.” and so we headed for a restaurant across the street from where we lived, went in there to find out it was closed and went home happily to have some Rice Crispies. 

I say happily, Boaty, because after the first time in 9 months I slept through the night, and kiddo that’s soething. Of course, don’t tell this to Jenna she doesn’t know anything about what I have had but I do feel better and I thought this morning I would be well and jump on a plane over to you.

By the time you get this you will have a whole collection of people there for FUNNY LADY. I just want you to behave your­self, just pinch David who is a Sterling character and leave everybody else alone. He’s really doing the most wonderful job here arxlIa I’m so proud of him but I think I’11 let him go.

In other words, don’t about anybody else, just take care of my David

With all due respect, I remain,

Cordially yours,