To Richard Burton – on stationery from the Las Vegas Hilton

Augus l6, 1973 

%  Mr. Robert Wilson Grand Hotel


Dear Rich;

Don’t bother to ask me what 1 am doing here because I don’t know and by “her’e” I mean on this planet.  To make it short, however, a month ago I was sunning mines 2lf at the home of Prof. Sir.A.J. Ayer and Lady Ayer also known as Dee Wells from Mulberry Street in New York.   They had lent us the joint and as you know from personal experience, no one says “take my house, I’m a stranger in Paradise” to Harvey Orkin without he says “all right”. Following so far? Good. So Gisella and Anthony and I are  there sans telephone for about three weeks having a marvelous and I go Lo Landres whie they go back to New York and in London f get Lhenoli.cethal Cartridge Television, Inc. i.s Mechula, 711, bankrupt.  Get the picture? So that night I go to Freddie Ayer’s for a small dinner party including five other intellectuals and Frankie Howard who was trying to get Freddie to challenge the possibi.i.ty that Frankie was Cleopatra reincarnated.

Tn the midst of all these festivities there I got a phone call from Freddie Fields (1 think we can call the act “Ready  with Freddie”) saying that Barron Hilton wanted a Director of Entertainment for the Hilton  Hotels.

The rest writes itself.  Or rights itself.  Well, l want to do something good. And here is the idea.  I want you to play here. It seems to me that you are happiest, most gratified, really best when you work with a audience. Indeed, in a musical, for l remember seeing Camelot all those times and it never let me down. A good musical play is,, I think ,the most wonderful scaffolding for a performing  artist. The first play to come to mind was “MyFairLady.” The play has its own tensile strength, the music is lovely and the lyrcs first rate. Would you like to play Higgins? Of course, T realize that Rex played it but I shouldn’t think that would bother you.

Tf you’d rather do Camelot, thats fine too or actually almosL anything you want to do because I know your judgement is impeccable in these things.  The audiences here arc absolutely marvelous and you really could play hereust  about  as long or short  a  time as  you like.  You’d be terrific here and we have a wonderful room and a great crew.

And then of course you could do all the rest.  mean you could tour the production, you could film it for cassette etc,etc.  We would be xtremely cooperative in doing and making all these things.                                                                                   

No sense discussing mon8y now bul there would be a lot of it for you. Most of all it would be good.

All right  now. Your god daughter is at Hunter and last year, which was her second,Gisella decided to go because…take a breath, Harvey.•..she had left school at 14 to dance and wanted to get her high school diploma so she took examinations, got terrifically high grades in the thing, had equivalency dipk)ma, and zut, before she know it, my dear Pierre, she is a freshman in the same college her dau0hter is sophomore in.  I see it as a series, Wally, with maybe a Loretta Young PLAYING BOTH PARTS! know it’s a departure, but T’ve always been creative and gutsy.  And a realy good sport.   Would you like to be my pen pal?

Avoisten and I want to run away with him.and they’re not as good as we are anyway. things, we can deal with the. The women don’t talk to me What the hel, once we declare Come here, We will go riding into the mountain’s sunsets and tell lies to each other.

Best to you, Bob, Aaron, and anybody else you choose.


P.S. I did one day’s work on a film out of curiosity; to see it it is as tedious as it’s always seemed. It is, I think horrifyingly so. It could drive a fellow to drink. As r remember Mr. Fry said so well Tee-De-Um, Tee-De-1.Jm,Tee-De-·.Jm.  The stage is the thing,etc. 


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