From Dee Wells to Gisella/Anthony Orkin and Boaty Boatwright Baker 1978 (3 years after Harvey’s death) partial; pdf below

ha,Johnny just back from fair with new ribbon. And so where was I•••oh yes, Gully in NYK. Well there’s not muoh to add exceot they went to visit her grandparents(he is 101 and she is 96•••no, honestly, no kidding)and had to drive up(to Brewster, this feudal vill&ee they sort of’ own) in her father’s 1949 London taxi,which is the only car the mniac has in NYK•••do keep an eye out for it, he drives it around quite insouciantly wearing hia fur Davy
Crockett type cap and sometimes in highly imaginative whimsical momenta puts the FOR HIRE sign on (can you imagine being married to someone like that•••well neither could I,so I called my lawyer) :But•••apikking of oare•••I will certainly get in touch with the Morgan people (and curiously I know just where they lurk in London) and get the list you ask f’or•••though I rather suspect these intensive care units will be tew and far between. As indeed are Morgana too,which is why. Hylan delighted you are still wearing the jacket •••he has been v. busy lately and has lots of work but nothing his heart is truly in and he still wants to go back to the U.S. -I know nobody who actually lives there thinks thats a good idea but honest to god cross my heart and hope to die if I tell a lie, this country is fast becoming impossible. Insanely expensive. Inefficient. Uncomfortable. I know its lovely to visit, but to live in •••aaargh; it costs as muoh as NYK (and houses cost even more than NYK- what is 100,000 there is £100,000 here) and yet people earn only about half as much as they do in NYK•••• and the taxes here, just to make it really fun, are much higher. No I know its boring but that’s the gods honest truth and the gods honest truth is always boring. Jet•assure. Also v. little turn-on here for us wild eyed madly creative beings•••• we need lights, laughter, excitement, swimming pools(the Ansonia Hotel. What••• where•••is the Ansonia Hotel, I do keep hearing the most extraordinary stories about it)  My plan, my own plan as distinct from Hylan doing his M. Luther King act of “Ah got a dree-um” is to let that hovel in France to some unsuspecting rich millionaires for June and JUly and take me and Nic now deep into punk…) to Los Angeles and hire a car so we can drive to the Grand Canyon and all the places around i\that I’ve only ever seen in the Nat’l Geographic. Just Nick and me. Oh well maybe Hylan too••• if it fits in with his dree-um.      So depending on whether splendid Mr. Laker gets his franchise for a LA flight we just may be coming through NYX in late July•••but it even more depends on whether I find renters for the house.  Do tell me if you know of any or just happen to meet any (at,say,the Ansonia Hotel)it will be nice and cheap (as well it ought) 500forJune. 600forJuly. Sleeps 8. More if they’re into Ntur is mor better still, incest. Oh a lot of rich millionaires are,  don’t you try and tell me they live the clean blameless lives we do because !£ they do (whioh they don’t) then how’d they get so rich, just answer me that. I’m sorry you found gainful employment a drag but that is, alas, exactly what it is. But now that you’re a shut-in again I’d be awfully grateful if you’d have a nice (a pinter•••painter, goddammit) over for a thimbleful of dandelion wine. His name is Daniel Lang(a v.good painter too,has pix in the Mus.of Mod.Aht & plenty other places too) and he is at moment of no fixed address but can be got by a little note o/o Fischbach Gallery, 29 West 57th. Do. He’sr eally nice. Comes!::’om·’i'”‘”-‘ what the hell look where you come from. rier about Mr. Begel-man though than abo·1t.Y  •  sound such a sad sad—·-sorry: mesa.         haven’:t Be.el-u.cgrandMl:..Lieberaons. in oe his beatification buti<vfsFOaDwHrJ;lu>C…,Lly good news. I will

hear more I hope when I see Boaty•••she and I are on some committee to save the Royal Court(the theatre, Gisella, the theatre) and so I shall be seeing her as from the look of that plac.ewe..’d111;t>6ter retbart>.oaa’9dn@rjTQUldfast.I

Only wish somebody’d get a committee for me dto save Boaty and me, now there’s a real ohallen                        .  




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